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The Sweetheart’s Debut Album

Falkirk collective, Sweethearts of The Prison Rodeo release their very fine début LP “On The Desolate Hillside” via WB on digital and Hand-crafted CD formats available now HERE!

The set, produced by Robbie Lesiuk and Adam Stafford displays vocalist D. King’s wildly idiosyncratic songwriting, with music that echoes Smog, Alex Harvey, Sun City Girls and PiL among others. It’s also Mastered by the fine ears of Miaoux Miaoux’s Julian Corrie – we truly are excited about the release!

More info on the album and the enigmatic troupe HERE! view the video for The Solitary Rabbit HERE!

Sweethearts of The Prison Rodeo new single

Falkirk quartet, headed up by songwriter D. King release the first single of the new forthcoming LP On The Desolate Hillside, due for release on Wise Blood on August 29th.

The double A-Side, download only, includes the Morricone-inflected Fashionable Buddhas, with King’s broad Scottish howl reminiscent of Alex Harvey. The song is flanked by dirge Solitary Rabbit, about the emasculation of a bunny with depleting sperm count.

Listen to Buddhas below, download the single Zip for nowt HERE:

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Adam Stafford – Imaginary Walls Collapse LP

This is a quietly bold album, order it’s unique brew of singular creativity and deference to traditional sounds unearths an all too rare air of finess” – 8/10, The Line of Best-Fit

Adam Stafford is back and he might just have surpassed his own standards…A quite remarkable record, one which is both highly complex and ultimately welcoming” – Clash

For all of the mind-puzzling intricacies of  Stafford’s approach it’s his ability to write simple and wonderfully rich pop-songs that shines the brightest, and it’s those very basic and fundamental charms that make Imaginary Walls Collapse such a rewarding listen, and one of the years finest records” – Goldflakepaint

“Stafford still remains relatively unknown outside of Scotland, this could be the album that quickly changes that” – 4/5, The Skinny

Stafford creates a masterpiece of composition via pedals, loops and effects, conjuring harmonised guitars and voices from a swirling mist of sound” – The Herald on Sunday

All loop-building, axe-fuelled sonic (mis)shapes and vivid narratives… Imaginary Walls Collapse is tooled up in all sorts of deviant ways: it’s less acoustic; more propelled by electronics and the sounds of human harmony and dissonance” – 4/5, Album-of-the-fortnight, The List

Contributions are chopped, looped and sampled to serve the artist’s twisted vision” 5/5, The Arts Desk

Imaginary Walls Collapse is clever, tuneful and wildly inventive” – The Tidal Wave of Indifference

Layered guitars swimming in reverb and forming the base for a challenging yet tuneful collection. This is intelligently crafted soundscape meets highly accessible pop music with a few twists, in turns confident and robust and then heart-breakingly fragile” – Drunken Werewolf

Walls is a focused, concentrated record that distils Stafford’s sound and style into an eccentric concoction” – Dauphin Mag

Follow Adam on Tumblr: adam-stafford.tumblr.com

Adam Stafford Live LP

As a thank you to everyone who has came out to see Adam Stafford perform in the last year and a half, he has decided to issue a 6-song Live album, “This Year Has Vanished”  free to download HERE.

Mainly recorded in The Tunnels in Aberdeen on March 1st 2012, the LP contains versions of the songs Step Up, Raise Hands, Add Mask and A Temple of the Holy Ghost that have’nt been heard before on record but have become a staple of his setlist.

A brand new studio album is planned for 2013 entitled Imaginary Walls Collapse. Details soon.

Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo/Adam Stafford on orange tape!

Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo are a new collective from Falkirk featuring ex-members of Y’all is Fantasy Island and War Office. The band are built up around songwriter D. King and the music comes across in parts like Ivor Cutler guesting on a lost Steeler’s Wheel record.

The release is a split EP with Sweethearts on one side and Adam Stafford on the other and it comes in a beautiful and ultra-rare orange cassette tape in an aqua shell. There is a download-code with the tape so you can enjoy the digital with the analogue!

Buy it/stream it from our Bandcamp page!

Listen to the clinquant Let Redemption Sway You, below.

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Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo manage to smuggle (Country music’s) soul out of the bloated excesses of the Grand Old Opry and install it somewhere in downtown Falkirk.” – Songs Heard on Fast Trains

“Beat-boxer and art-pop idol Adam Stafford joins Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo for a typically enthralling ‘Split EP’.” 4/5 – The List

“This is one of those EPs where headphones are essential…with chiming guitars over rhythmic pulses. It’s all quite understated however, and Stafford’s loops climb but always stop short of overblown grandeur.” – Peenko

“…it’s an unexpected treat. Stafford takes a back seat, at least in the vocal sense and lets ‘D. King’ take the lead for some Scotified Americana, but the loops and distinct guitar sounds are a give away to his presence. It’s still a significant departure though.” – The Tidal Wave of Indifference