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Y’all is Fantasy Island – The Complete Recordings

Year: 2011
Release: WBIYIFI

Y’all is Fantasy Island – The Complete Recordings

Download the zipfile which contains 5 folders/albums, 55 mp3s and 7 jpgs of LP artwork and pictures. Once you have downloaded the file you will have to un-zip it to access the contents.

In Faceless Towns Forever” (2006)

4/5 – The List    |   5/5 – isthismusic   |   #6 Best Scottish Albums of 2000′s – Jockrock

“A ragged and melancholic album that could be the soundtrack to a small-town Scottish indie movie” – The Metro

Rescue Weekend” (2008)

4/5 & #37 Best Scottish Albums of 2000′s – The Skinny

“I’m vibrating under a dreadful, tremulous tension; imagine all your favourite post-rock bands reduced to pure concentrate, burnished with glimmers of Grizzly Bear and Phil Elvrum.” – Plan B Magazine (RIP)

No Ceremony” (2008)

5/5 – The List    |   4/5 – The Skinny

“The song With Handclaps teems down with a glorious barrage of riff and drum that expands into a ragged, infectious chorus” – Drowned in Sound

Infanticidal Genuflector: Selected Film Soundtrack Work 06-08

Contains music written for Leo Bruges’ Bafta-winning documentary “Fistfull of Roses” and Adam Stafford’s multi-award winning documentary “The Shutdown”.

Tracks We Laid Will Die: Demos & Rarities 01-07

A 14-track compendium of mostly unreleased material spanning 7 years, including singles, outtakes, demo sketches and instrumental improvisations.

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